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Lagos - Crédito Agrícola bank robber arrested

creditoagricloaThe Judicial Police confirmed today that a bank robber, who held up a cashier at Crédito Agrícola in Lagos, has been arrested.

The suspect was armed with a replica of a pistol and forced an employee to hand over cash, a bundle of around €1,300.

The police now have the pistol, the man and €600 of the money, the rest having been spent.

The 58-year-old already has an unenviable criminal record and shortly will be presented to court and inevitably, remanded in custody until his trial can be scheduled.

The robbery took place at 1:30 p.m. on February 10th, when the robber told the cashier to hand him the money, ‘or else.’

There were plenty of witnesses as the bank had clients waiting to be served.

The man ran off but with CCTV and witness statements, the robber was picked up this morning.