Albufeira Marina development looking for investors

albufeiramarinaThe second phase of a project to develop the multi-coloured Albufeira Marina has been given the go-ahead by the council with a start date in March for an eight month project.

A budget of €5 million will see the infrastructure laid down for a 73,000 m2 mixed development of shops, hotels, apartments and green space with a ‘romantic garden’ containing a waterfall flowing into the current marina.

The Marina de Albufeira company aims to sell the various development plots to investors when the infrastructure is in place.

When completed, the marina will end up as was envisaged in the council’s municipal plan way back in 2007.

"The idea then is to sell the construction lots to investors," said the company's João Amaral, adding that this second phase of the project will create a busier marina area due to the new hotels and shops.

In total there are 36 lots with a building permit of 10,930 m2 for housing, 22,379 m2 for tourist apartments, 13,060 m2 for trade and services and 26,680 m2 for hotels.

According to the Marina of Albufeira company, this second phase is for "a lower density of construction” and the detail plan "includes 51% green spaces and 21% of wet area."

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0 #5 Ana xxxx 2017-07-24 08:11
They should open up the marina to accommodate bIg yachts the rich and famous need space to park their boats that's what would bring the big investors into Albufeira
0 #4 Tommy English 2017-07-19 19:32
In a villa overlooking the marina. Don't do further development!!!!!
0 #3 DD 2017-03-11 22:58
It is remarkable that approval has been granted for the so named Phase Two of the Albufeira Marina development to commence.
At night in the Winter months the area has just a miniscule number of lights from the many multi coloured apartments showing, in the Summer perhaps no more than 40%. The area above the Marina is denuded of shops, Barclays Bank closed as have other emporia that started up. Within the Marina itself a few more restaurants and cafes have opened and there is a bowls alley(?). The Great Horror remains as it overlooks the roads and area above and on to the Marina itself, being the many skeletons of houses that stand starkly after the developers were forced to cease building having, I assume, moved into administration. There is also the hotel. Bare, never opened. Never completed. Now five years have passed by. How is there to be yet more building when there remains such a ghost town?
+1 #2 Sergio 2017-02-21 16:30
Pela grande MERDA q la esta madam o Americanos mandar duas bonbas I mandar Tudo abaixo e o melhor :oops: :oops: :sad: :lol: :o
+2 #1 Jack Reacher 2017-02-20 17:32
Can the council reassure us that the developer isn't colourblind. We don't need a continuation of the ghastly colour scheme that has blighted the marina and surrounding valley

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