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Former Caixa Geral president continues to treat the rules with contempt

porscheThe former president of Caixa Geral de Depósitos, António Domingues, remains in breach of his transparency obligations at the Constitutional Court by failing to file his income and asset statement on leaving office.

Domingues has passed the deadline to file his declaration, having resigned on November 28th last year after which he had 60 days to deliver the declaration which "must reflect the evolution of assets during the term of office," according to the law of Public Control of the Wealth of Political Officials.

The court now has to give him a 30 day period within which to file his declaration which will need to list his two Porsches and a yacht.

This deliberate snub to established protocol and to the Ministry of Finance is not confined to Domingues as there are five other Caixa former Geral directors in Domingues' 'dream team' who did not deliver the opening declaration of assets or the closing one, when they left in a group huff. Emídio Pinheiro, Paulo Rodrigues da Silva, Henrique Menezes, Angel Guraya and Herbert Walter also are behaving with contempt.

The penalties are pretty weak with the outcome being a one to five year ban from public office.

António Domingues did submit his opening declaration, eventually, last November, the month in which he resigned in a tizzy over the Minister of Finance’s inability to confirm the deal that they had concocted that exempted Domingues from filing a declaration.

In António Domingues’ November 2016 asset and income statement, which was meant to be kept secret, he revealed a work income of €539,516 for 2015 and wrote in the margin that he has paid €6,362,303 of income tax between 1990 and 2015, not that this detail was relevant but shows his underlying childishness.

Domingues declared a portfolio of 56,000 thousand shares in BPI, the ownership of three cars - two of which are Porsches, a residential building, a country property, a yacht and four bank accounts, the one at BPI having a balance of €3.7 million.

His asset statement on leaving office will show up any changes in his financial situation. The the whole point of these declarations is to see if directors of State-owned companies have amassed assets during service that could not have been bought using post-tax income.