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Algarve fire alert due to continuing warm weather and strong winds

eucalyptusPortugal's Civil Protection authorities have banned controlled fires in northern and central regions of the country due to a heightened risk of their getting out of control in the current dry, windy conditions.

In the Algarve, Portimão Civil Protection has sent out a warning that the condition are perfect for forest fires as, according to the weather man, the next few days will have maximum temperatures ​​between 28C and 30C, and relative humidity between 20 and 30%.

Today’s winds with bursts of 70kmph will carry on until the 22nd so if there a fire starts in the countryside, it will spread rapidly.

The Civil Protection Service recommends that we take the necessary measures, such as not burning garden waste, not setting off fireworks, no smoking or making a fire of any kind in forest areas, and for apiarists – not to use the type of fumigation equipment that creates a spark.

There have been eight fires in the Algarve in the last few days, according to the Facebook group, 'Alerta de incêndio florestal / Forest Fire Alert!' with followers pointing out that there are forecasts of rain ahead for Friday which will damp things down a bit. 
As for farmers, a group that often causes fires unwittingly, they need to be careful when carrying out agricultural and forestry work that their machines and equipment are clean of oil and dust, to park hot machines on concrete not scrubland and to be careful with sparks when operating machinery, especially when the daytime temperatures peak.

The wind has ccaused the cancellation of the Lagos Marina Boat Show, scheduled for April 22 and 23. New dates will be announced shortly and, if the wind continues, this weekend's F1 Powerboat race along the Arade river should be more exciting than usual.