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Loulé Council funds a €1 million GNR station for Quarteira

gnrlogoLoulé council is shelling out over €1 million on building a new station for the local GNR in Quarteira.

Local ratepayers will be funding a €1,135,220 spend, the value of the tender published by the local authority in Diário da República.

Companies wishing to bid for the work have a tight deadline of just 30 days from May 12th and the lowest bid, not necessarily the most competent, will get the work that has a build time of 450 days.

The launch of this project follows the signing last October of a cooperation agreement between the Loulé council and the Government. The new tender document makes it clear that the tendering process and the execution, supervision and licensing of the new building all are the responsibility of the council.

The objective is to create an building with all the necessary conditions for the GNR teams that work in Quarteira and also to make the station accessible for the public.

The mayor of Loulé, Vítor Aleixo said that "Nowadays, every citizen needs more and more to feel that the security forces take care of their personal security, of their property, of their tranquility. We do not want the GNR in the municipality of Loulé to lack anything and, therefore, we have taken a big step. Quarteira is a national tourist destination that in recent years rapidly has grown and the last thing we need are any security issues."

Major Paulo Santos, commander of the GNR Territorial Detachment for Loulé, spoke of the close collaboration between the council and the GNR in upgrading the GNR’s facilities across the council area. As well as Quarteira, the construction of a barracks in Almancil and the adaptation of the GNR station in Salir are still under way.

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-2 #1 Mildred 2017-05-17 18:25
Normally 90%+ of the funding for these Police station projects comes directly or indirectly from Brussels 'structural funds'. As they see it, it being vitally important to continue to keep a lid on the great unwashed. Or they will rise up,vote populist, and stop our EU wide elite 'troughing'. Why is Quarteira different and leaning so heavily on the Loule ratepayers?

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