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Vila do Bispo council to convert old grain stores into exhibition area

ViladoBispoLogoVila do Bispo council has published a tender in Diário da República for the "rehabilitation of the building of the old grain storage barns in Vila do Bispo” to turn them into a history and cultural centre.

The job is worth a cool €1 million and the winning builder will have a year to complete the job.

The work includes "the rehabilitation and expansion of the old gain stores to create a reception for visitors and a cafeteria area leading to an exhibition space that will display the archaeological, geological, paleontological and natural heritage of the western Algarve Vila do Bispo area, thus transforming the buildings into a new cultural space."

The contract is with Vila do Bispo council, the most transparent council south of the Tagus, which already has submitted an application for 70% co-financing to the Algarve Regional Operational Programme.



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