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Angolan students in Portugal run out of cash

coimbrauniversityAngolan students are being forced to ditch their studies in Portugal, according to the president of the Association of Angolan Students, due to "delay in money transfers from Angola to here."

Many Angolan students studying in Portugal are reliant on money sent from their families but due to a financial and economic crisis due to the drop in oil prices, Angola has imposed exchange controls leaving up to 4,000 students in Portugal with little or no cash.

According to Luís Victorino, the Association of Angolan Students "has negotiated with Portuguese universities and educational institutions so that there is more flexibility in paying tuition fees so that Angolan students have the possibility to pay debts in installments, so they are not prevented from taking examinations or enrolling for subsequent school years."

The president of the Association highlighted the support that the High Commission for Migration in Portugal has given to students needing permits, “because many are unable to renew the residence permit due to lack of money.”

Victorino said that around 500 Angolan students arrive in Portugal every year, mostly to enroll on law and business courses.

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