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MPs' feeble statement about Albufeira's 'Invade Portugal' disturbances

albufeiraCrowdThe Algarve’s Socialist MPs say they are concerned about the violent disturbances on June 25th in the Oura area of Albufeira, know colloquially as ‘The Strip,’ caused by a large group of tourists from the UK.
According to the council, this particular group consisted of about 1,000 people between the ages of 19 and 22, who were on a low-cost, all-inclusive Invade Portugal package marketed as a booze-filled, hedonistic break.

"These types of disagreements and incidents in one of the main tourist areas of the Algarve, the images of  which are spread widely by the media, stains the reputation of the region in overseas markets, with potential harmful consequences to our claims of excellence and quality," say the MPs.
That is why António Eusébio, Fernando Anastácio, Jamila Madeira and Luís Graça warn that it is necessary to, "act to prevent and respond effectively to these events, which have been happening from time to time over the years."
The concerned MPs have asked the Minister of Internal Administration to ensure that there is coordination between different police and security forces when reacting to control this type of behavior.

How these sorts of incidents are prevented is not covered by the MPs' weak announcement which can be added to the meaningless comments from the tourist board, the hotels association and the council.


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-1 #1 Steve.O 2017-07-08 20:22
Something not made clear in these news items is the great number of Portuguese resident in the UK who travel in these "Invasions". Meeting up with mates in the home country and afterwards staying on to visit family.

Ask any Oura Strip barman ! They can recognise the difference between their language and ..... some other.

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