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Law tightens up for illegal parking in disabled spaces

disabledAs from Saturday, July 8th, anyone parking in a space reserved for disabled drivers risks getting two points taken of their driving license which, under the new system, starts out with a total of 12.

Parking, or even stopping, in places reserved for people with disabilities is now considered a serious infraction after the rule unanimously was approved in Parliament.

A proposal had been submitted by the Left Bloc to alter Article 145 of the Highway Code, so it now reads that to stop or park in place reserved for people with deficiency in their mobility, by any person who is not qualified to do so, is a serious offense.

The fine for parking in these reserved places is between €60 and €300 and serious breaches will trigger the driving license penalty points of two points, even three points in some cases.

Another law was published that obliges all public entities to have available a minimum number of parking places for people with disabilities – and they have 30 days in which to comply.

To lose points in this way would be foolish as any driver down to five points left on their licence is required to attend a re-training programme, which has to be completed within six months, or their licence may be withdrawn.

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-1 #4 Ed 2017-07-12 08:24
Quoting chez:
Any chance of posting the original Portuguese edict?

The decree law change to the driving code is at:

+1 #3 chez 2017-07-11 11:59
Any chance of posting the original Portuguese edict?
+6 #2 Dvbro 1 2017-07-09 10:24
About time too. It is normally impossible to find a space owing to the fact that these inconsiderate people think they have a right to park where they like!
+3 #1 PeterD 2017-07-08 05:59
And if you park diagonally across two disabled spaces, will that result in the loss of four points?

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