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Setúbal hotel evacuated as flames threaten city outskirts

fireSetubalApproaching flames have forced the evacuation of the Hotel do Sado after a fire broke out in Casal dos Combros, at the entrance to Setúbal.

Houses are threatened, the flames are uncontrollable and people are fleeing with their belongings.

The Civil Protection authority of Setúbal is appealing to the population of Quinta dos Vidais and Reboreda to leave their homes.

An appeal made by the council on social media read, "The fire brigades are trying to control the situation and we are asking for the collaboration and understanding of the residents to isolate the zone."

The fire alert went out at around 6:00 p.m. and three hours later, 123 firefighters supported by 42 vehicles and a helicopter were battling the flames.

According to Patrícia Gaspar, deputy operations officer of the National Civil Protection Authority, the fire broke out in a forest area in Casal dos Combros, at the entrance to Setúbal, 40 kilometres to the south of Lisbon.

Relatives of residents in the fire zone said that the fire was close to the Hospital da Luz, some houses and a petrol station on the EN10, where traffic has been cut off.



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