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Loulé council launches incubator for creative projects

LouleIncubatorLoulé council has marked the beginning of September as the opening date to open a new space dedicated for new projects to be dreamt up and ‘incubated.’

Projects in the creative industries may soon be housed in the calm of the Convento Espírito Santo where the new Design Lab will be established for the creation, research and experimentation of new projects that focus on design and that show 'a strong connection to culture and the local economy.'

Loulé is becoming achingly trendy with its new centre for incubating ideas with coworking spaces, shared workshops and a showroom.

Then there is a ‘network of partner workshops and regular programs with artistic residencies, workshops, conferences and exhibitions.’ Whatever this means, it is sure to go down well with the creative, craft and design community as the council wants to attract designers, artisans, researchers and other 'creative entrepreneurs.'

The Loulé Design Lab also offers mentoring, a network of master-craftsmen and regular conferences, workshops, exhibitions and entrepreneurship seminars. Applicants need to apply to the council before August 11th to get a space. The lucky ones will get to work in the cool interior of a late C17th convent.



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