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More restaurant food can be given to Almancil's poor

sardinepoorA new Refood unit was opened last Saturday, July 29, in Almancil. The project won the funding in the parish Participatory Budget 2016 round of applications for local community projects.
The new modular unit is equipped with a kitchen and toilet and will support the work of the association as part of the Zero Waste Movement.

The unit is an expansion of the centre of operations located in Rua Salgueiro Maia, next to Almancil market area, which was inaugurated in 2015.

The new facility was the proposal that received the highest number of votes in the parish of Almancil in last year's Participatory Budget, winning €65,000 of investment.
The Refood project is a 100% voluntary, humanitarian and community-based eco-effort made by and for citizens at a micro-local level to end hunger in urban neighborhoods.

The reuse of food from local restaurants is distributed to needy families.
The idea is simply to connect those who have a daily surplus to those who have a daily need.

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+5 #3 Neil M 2017-08-02 13:41
I gather from the above article, that the food in question is food that is unsold and not food that was on someone's plate. Surely you are not suggesting that Zero Waste Movement volunteers would accept anything other than unsold food.
-6 #2 Mr John 2017-08-02 12:44
The problem is when plates is cleared from the table and the left over food is re-served to unfortunate people, for that reason this practice even of the American ''doggy bag'' is banned in many countries, but people are honest you say, really.
+3 #1 Neil M 2017-08-01 23:03
It is true that good wholesome food from restaurants are discarded at the end of the day, and this is disgraceful. But now with the new zero waste movement, looks like it wilI be a thing of the past.

Hopefully other European countries will follow suit, to stop the shameful waste of food.

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