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Summer strikes affect travellers to and from the Açores

The union SATArepresenting cabin crews employed by Grupo SATA’s Airlines has given notice of a strike on August 23rd until August 26th, one of the busiest periods of the year.

Grupo SATA’s management has advised its passengers to change their plans to travel on these dates, confirming that there will be no charges for those moving bookings to other, non-strike, days.

The cabin crews have not been happy for a while, with strikes in May and June this year, and have been advised to check that the company is sticking to various agreements covering working practices. If breaches are spotted, or even 'perceived,' immediate strike action is advised by the union.

According to The National Union of Civil Aviation, any failure by Grupo SATA to honour signed agreements for better working conditions, will result in disruption to the airline’s schedule.

"Whenever agreements are not observed, cabin crew will not report for service," according to the union spokesman, Bruno Fialho.

António Portugal, a spokesman for the SATA group, confirmed that the airline had received a formal strike warning for the August action covering Air Azores, which flies between the islands of the Açores, and for Azores Airlines, which operates international routes to and from the islands.

The union claims that the cabin crew strikes are justified due to daily breaches by the company of existing agreements, the poor management of the company and "the way it treats its workers."


+2 #1 H 2017-08-14 18:02
Please dont strike, I havent been back in 40 years and my son earned a double degree and taking him to my homeland. I dont make a lot of money now and spent it on this trip the 26th for both of us. I cant stop crying.