Two new five-star hotels for Portimão

construction2Two new five-star hotels are to be built in Alvor, Portimão, at a total cost of around €57 million.

The hotels will provide more than 1,000 beds, the largest of which will be a new Pestana hotel costing €50 million.

"The work will begin at the beginning of next month and the goal is to inaugurate the hotel in 2019," says Pedro Lopes, Pestana’s manager for the Algarve region, adding that "the concept is all inclusive and is aimed at families with children."

The hotel, which will include four restaurants, will be built on a 12-hectare site between the Delfim Hotel and Alto Golf and will provide 900 tourist beds and about 250 jobs.

At present, the Pestana group has seven hotel units in the Portimão council area, including two five-star hotels.

The other five-star hotel to be built in Alvor is the Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel, next to the Hospital Particular do Algarve. This project is being developed by the Salus at a cost of €7 million and will provide 140 beds.

The four storey building will house a project focusing on health tourism and includes, among other equipment, a spa, a movie theatre, restaurants, a library, a tea room and a rooftop pool area.

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+2 #2 Margaridaana 2017-08-30 13:55
Alvor is already a concrete jungle and fast becoming yet another totally unattractive resort,. Back in the late 70's and early 80's it was lovely. This is not progress.
Killing the goose that lays the golden egg, yet again. Sheer greed.
+1 #1 Peter Booker 2017-08-30 09:22
They will carry on building new hotels, but how will people arrive there? I suspect that most will arrive by air. In which case, it may be that Faro Airport will soon need yet another upgrade.

We used the airport this summer, after the extension was inaugurated, and it was hot and unpleasant. And I estimate that the refurbishment/upgrade was only half finished. Not many airports are pleasant places to be, but Faro´s continuing work-in-progress makes the airport particularly unlovely to use, and it seems to be a work without end.

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