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Over 60s Portuguese travellers make Tavira their number one destination

tavira2Cost conscious, independently minded senior travellers from within Portugal, using Airbnb to book accommodation, have been taking breaks in Tavira, making it the number one destination - worldwide.

Beating competitors such as Paris, London and Rome, the over-60s age group has ensured that Tavira leads as the ‘most visited destination’ by seniors using the bookings website.

"Getting to sixty is no impediment to maintaining - or starting - a passion for travelling," notes Airbnb, which adds that  senior tourism is "gaining a foothold in Portugal, especially since this age group has more free time and more energy than ever before".

The over 60s age group is a booming sector within the Airbnb portal with a 2016-2017 growth of 62% in the number booking accommodation.

“Away from the crowds, senior travellers are demanding consumers who not only seek comfort but also make the most of their new adventure and like to feel integrated in the places they visit,” opines the latest corporate missive.

The main destinations for over 60s travellers from within Portugal are Tavira and Ponta Delgada in the Açores, followed by Quarteira and then various major European capital cities.

The top destinations for 'over 60s' Portuguese travellers:

1. Tavira (Portugal)
2. Ponta Delgada (Portugal)
3. Quarteira (Portugal)
4. Paris (France)
5. Lisbon (Portugal)
6. London (England)
7. Rome (Italy)
8. Madrid (Spain)
9. Porto (Portugal)
10. Barcelona (Spain)


+2 #2 Jimbo 2017-09-13 19:33
No wonder Tavira has been overwhelmed this year!
+1 #1 mr john 2017-09-13 16:07
I'm happy to see Quarteira, my birth town finally getting the right kind of publicity and slowly weeding out the scum that once ruined this place, everyone is welcome to enjoy this wonderful place, merchants of death, not welcome.