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Drug arrests at Portimão's BPM 'dance party' Festival

11307The GNR covering last weekend’s house and techno dance party arrested 19 people for drugs offences .

The BPM Festival was held at the Arade Congress Center in Parchal, Lagoa and at multiple sites in Praia da Rocha, Portimão.

In the operation carried out by the Silves GNR, whose personnel were patrolling the festival sites, 17 men and two women aged between 20 and 38-years-old were arretsed.

According to the GNR, 183 packets of cocaine, 27 joints, 55 grammes of MDMA and 18.8 grammes of amphetamines were seized.

During the operation, nine people were arrested for drunk driving and one for driving without a licence.

BPM is one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world and is being held for the first time outside of its home in Mexico.

At the last show, in the town of Playa del Carmen in January 2017, a shootout involving drug gangs left five people dead and 15 wounded.

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