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Faro council promotes architectural excellence with awards scheme

architectAwardsThe architects Miguel Reimão Costa and Jennifer Silva Pereira have won the Municipal Award for Architecture and Landscape Architecture 2017, promoted by Faro council.

The award, in the ‘Renovation’ category was for their proposal for Rua Rasquinho, no. 19, in Faro's old city.

The jury decided also to award an honourable mention to the architect Emanuel José Pereira Aniceto under the ‘Rehabilitation, Conservation and Alteration’ project for a project at Rua Serpa Pinto, No. 27, 29, 31, 33 and 39, and Rua Batista Pinto, No. 25 and 26, in Faro.

In the "Exterior spaces" section, an honourable mention was given to the Parque Ribeirinho de Faro project by the architect Isabel Vaz Serra and the landscape architect Miguel Marques Pereira.

These awards, in addition to public recognition by the council by identifying each work with an award plaque, won the architects a prize of €1,500 in each section.

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