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'Factura da Sorte' lucky drawer to pay out €10 million a year

financasPortugal’s Ministry of Finance has picked the first week in April to launch Finanças' new draw which will dole out prizes with a cash value of €91,000 per week to happy citizens.

The tax authority is planning to give away cars, but the law provides for the possibility of the state handing out other, as yet undefined, goodies.

Finanças admit that this scheme will cost around €10 million a year when running, with a maximum of 60 draws per annum.

To be in the game, when a taxpayer makes a purchase of any item or service he or she needs to ask for a tax receipt with the personal tax identification on it. A copy is submitted to Finanças every month in the normal company paperwork and the draw then tales place to pick the week's winners.

The search is on to find the man to run the scheme as the director general of taxes Azevedo Pereira is leaving after 6 blissful years.

A salary of €4,512 per month is offered, well below the Prime Minister’s €6,850 per month, a sum that many of the electorate do not manage to earn in a year.

Applicants will need to have professional and academic experience in public administration and management of large organisations.