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Holiday job students no longer to lose benefits

studentsgraduationStudents working during their holidays will no longer lose other benefits such as family allowance and scholarships.

In a welcome move that will help stop the current necessity for student only to look for cash-in-hand jobs, the government appears to have identified the problem and has done something about it.

The Minister of Labour informed parliament today that there is no current allowance or exemption for student who, if they get holiday work, are treated like any other worker and often lose benefits.

"Contractual mechanisms that are not suitable for this type of work," said Minister, Vieira da Silva.

The aim is to allow young students to have paid work on vacation, according to the limits established by the law in terms of age, and "this work does not mean they will be penalised by losing access to a set of social benefits," as is currently the case if the law is fully complied with.

The government will legislate so students will keep "their right to keep the family allowance, access to scholarships and the right to other incentives that exist for young people,” said da Silva.

The aim is for Portugal to "have a positive legal framework" that "stimulates this activity, which is a reality that is happening all over Europe."

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