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Norwegian found dead in Pêra - an attack is not ruled out

armacao2A Norwegian man has been found dead in an apartment in Armação de Pêra, Silves. The 69-year-old visitor was staying at the home of a Swedish friend.

Leading up to, and at the entrance of the apartment building, traces of blood have been found but the police are remaining tight-lipped over the most likely cause of death.

The blood may have been left after the Norwegian stumbled and fell on his way back to the flat, or he may have been attacked and staggered home.

Judicial Police investigators were soon on the scene to see if there had been foul play but it is more likely, after local bar-owners attested to the two friends' increasingly inebriated state, that the Norwegian fell over at the apartment entrance and later died.

Earlier in the evening, a GNR patrol stopped the Norwegian and took him the accident and emergency service in Albufeira. He later returned and was discovered by his friend hours later.

What happened during the intervening time is what is now being investigated.

The authorities at first believed the death to be due to “natural causes” or suicide, but blood traces found in nearby streets and at the entrance to the apartment building have led to suspicions that he may have been attacked on his way home.