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Dawn raid - heroin traffickers busted in Olhão

OlhaoDrugBustPublic Security Police officers have arrested five men in Olhão during a dawn raid and accused them of drug trafficking.

Heroin, cocaine, hashish and cash were discovered after seven search warrants were acted on in properties in the city and one in Lisbon.

The investigation has been tracking the men for several months and criminal investigators collected enough evidence to be granted six search warrants for homes and one for a commercial establishment.

During the raids, enough cocaine for 600 lines, 300 heroin fixes, some hashish and about €3,500 in cash was seized along with a compressor used to package the drug and electronic equipment.

Of the five detainees, four are Portuguese and one is a foreigner, three already had criminal records for drug trafficking.


+1 #1 liveaboard 2017-11-21 09:08
We made a day trip to Olhao a few years ago; junkies everywhere, dealers doing their totally obvious dealings in a supermarket parking lot where we stopped for a few minutes, scurrying back and forth handing unseen things to skinny shuffling people who then went away quickly without doing any shopping.

We were only there for a few hours. We didn't have any urge to return.