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Car destroyed by train at Olhão crossing

trainA woman and her daughter were left shocked and battered after their Peugeot was hit by a train coming in to Olhão station on Wednesday morning.

The car was crushed against a wall but the two women in the car escaped with minor injuries. They were taken to Faro hospital anyway but soon were discharged.

The accident happened around 08:00 am as the mother and daughter, aged 65 and 43, were on their usual commute to a fish processing factory in the industrial area near Olhão docks.

The accident happened at an official crossing point but the woman admitted that as the sun was low and in her eyes, she couldn’t really see much and pressed on across through the barrier and across the railway track, with disastrous results.

Trains at that section of track are decelerating as they approach the station but the pair was lucky to be able to walk away from the crash which left the car in pieces.



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0 #1 Fboy Pog 2017-11-26 12:29
sorry, but I am not sure I could feel anything for these young ladies.
A crossing is a crossing is a crossing. Dangerous. If you can't see, then, you get out of the damned car and have a listen and look. Simple. Had they done so this would NOT have happened.