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Oral sex was 'by mutual consent' - Messines GNR officer cleared

gnrlogoThe Messines GNR officer, accused of the coercion of a cleaner to perform oral sex while he was on duty, has been acquitted.

The Portimão court decided that the sexual acts had happened but that they were consensual.

The cleaner had accused the GNR officer of rape but the court disagreed.

According to the judgment, "the defendant has not been shown to have used violence or serious threats in order to compel the assistant" to engage in sexual acts.

The woman also had claimed damages of €92,270, these were dismissed.

According to the group of judges who sat for the case, although semen that had been collected at the GNR station by the Judicial Police had come from the defendant, which proved sexual activity, the activities that the defendant and the cleaner had engaged in were by mutual consent and had happened on other occasions.


0 #3 Peter Booker 2017-12-07 09:38
The verdict in this case of course opens this police agent to other, internal, charges. This voluntary sexual act is probably not in his job description (if he has one). As it stands, while he was engaged in this sexual activity, he was being paid, and so probably was she. Does the state normally pay for its employees to indulge in sex? In Britain, this type of activity would almost certainly lead to dismissal for both of them.

I agree with Jack Reacher, that the state could save money by amalgamating its police forces.
+1 #2 Jack Reacher 2017-12-06 18:00
I presume this GNR antic of getting blown whilst employed as a protector of the law rubs ok with Portuguese tax payers? I thought the GNR were paid to be moral citizens and help us in need. What a lowlife.
+1 #1 Churchill 2017-12-06 10:12
Another cover up! These Gnr nazis can and do get away wuth serious assaults on people and murder!
If it was u or me in the dock they would give you 20 years.
Theres no justice were these gnr scumbags are concerned, they are thugs, and are involved
In terrorising all citizens and foreigners in portugal.

The gnr MUST BE disbanded.