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Thursday - rain will return to mainland Portugal

frost2A gentle rain is predicted for northern regions in the morning, with scudding clouds in the south. During the day, rainfall will travel south and reach the centre of the country.

The drizzle should start early in the day, accompanied by a gentle breeze. On the downside, there will be overnight frost in the interior regions with the temperature in Vila Real dropping to 1°C, and 2°CV in Bragança.

Oporto will have some light rain in the morning with temperatures soaring to 5ºC with cloudy skies.

The weather service predicts that Lisbon will have slight cloud and possibly some light rain in the night. The temperature should be between 5ºC minimum and 14ºC maximum.

In the south, there will be high clouds all day and it will be cold, with some frost forming overnight. Faro will have temperatures between 8°C and 19ºC, and Beja between 4ºC and 15ºC. There is no expectation of rain in the Alentejo or Algarve.

See the weather service's website: http://www.ipma.pt/en/otempo/prev.significativa/


+1 #1 dw 2017-12-08 13:05
Heavy rain is now forecast for the Algarve on Sunday night/Monday morning.