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MPs demand protection for Algarve wetlands - plus UPDATE

LagoasBrancasSmallFour Algarve MPs from the ruling Socialist Party are recommending the classification and preservation of wetlands in the region.

The MPs have submitted a draft resolution to parliament recommending that the government preserves and classifies the Algarve's key wetland areas, including, it was hoped, the Lagoa wetland that currently is threatened by the construction of a Continente supermarket. (* see Update below)
In their proposal, Luís Graça, Ana Passos, António Eusébio and Fernando Anastácio, suggest that the government comes up with a concerted action plan with the Association of Municipalities of the Algarve, in particular with Lagos, Silves, Albufeira and Loulé councils.
The most important sites requiring more protection are claimed to be Pául de Lagos, Alagoas Brancas in Lagoa, under threat from Continente, Lagoa dos Salgados (Silves and Albufeira councils) which is under threat from  the development of Millennium BCP's 'Praia Grande eco-Resort,' and the Trafal and Foz do Almargem wetlands under Loulé council.
The petition seeks to establish a legal classification and level of ecological protection while providing funds and support to associations and environmental non-governmental organisations which would classify the bird, animal and plant life of these wet zones, some of which were named.
The initiative, which seeks to highlight and draw attention to World Wetlands Day on February 2nd, comes after a series of meetings between Luís Graça and environmental associations, as well as with local councils which say they are aware of the need to preserve these areas - and Lagoa council saying precisely the opposite when questioned by an action group about the Alagoas Brancas wetland site.
"Lagos council has already started preparing a management plan for Pául de Lagos, just as the Câmara de Loulé and the parish council of Quarteira are committed to the classification of Trafal and Foz do Almargem," explained the MPs.
In their draft resolution, the politicians point out that these wetlands are areas of marsh, peat and water, existing in coastal and river areas, with aquatic plants and soggy soils, that often feed underground reservoirs, rivers and streams and controls flooding and erosion through their vegetation. 
The MPs also recall that "despite their ecological, aesthetic and cultural importance, these wetlands have been considered as marginal territories that should be transformed into dry land," and that the Algarve "has a diverse set of coastal wetlands of richness and ecological importance."
Portugal’s Institute of Nature and Forestry issued a report stating that Lagoas Brancas 'is not wet all year round and is too small to warrant protection.'
Faced with this sort of blinkered officialdom working in Continente’s favour while ignoring the essential natural role played by this freshwater area, the MPs' presentation to parliament is long overdue.
For a view of a 'dawn chorus' at the Lagoa wetland site, click HERE
UPDATE Feb 2nd
The Save Alagoas Brancas pressure group said today that it has seen the MPs' submission to the Parliamentary Environmental Committee and confirms that Alagoas Brancas is not named. This does not mean the site will be excluded from any additional protection agreed by parliament but does raise suspicion that the Continente supermarket chain, owned by Sonae Group, has been lobbying hard to continue with its plans to build another supermarket over this unique bird and wildlife site.
Also on February 2nd, Almargem issued a statement welcoming the draft resolution presented by the Socialist Party MPs to preserve Pául de Lagos, Lagoa dos Salgados and the adjacent Sapais de Pêra, Trafal and Foz de Almargem and took the opportunity "to request that Lagoa council, once and for all accepts, without prejudice, to hold an open and transparent debate on the current situation and future prospects of the Alagoas Brancas wetland site."
Almargem suggests including the Algarve's Environmental Agency, the ICNF which already has dismissed the area as being 'too small,' the Regional Development Council which generally is pro-building and the owner of the site, "in the search for a consensual and ecologically sustainable solution."
Sonae has rejected all attempts at opening a dialogue.
LagoaWetlandBIGBirdpic Alagoas Brancas, a site of "no value," according to the ICNF and soon to become a Continente supermarket - unless the government acts
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0 #12 Kathie lancaster 2018-02-05 23:25
:sad: will someone please ***** this Fred person!
Kathie, you really can't say that... I will get prosecuted for inciting gratuitous violence
+1 #11 Carl Hawker 2018-02-05 12:30
@ fred 13
Just so can see the value of this site hear is today's list from the site Feb 05 -2018
Copy and paste this and see.
-2 #10 fred13 2018-02-05 09:54
You are clearly barking up the wrong tree here.. Licenses have been in place for more that 20 years according to locals.... Furthermore there are large protests lodged against these wetlands since they also facilitate plagues and diseases (rats and mosquitos) as locals who live there might have informed you...
Tis is certainly NOT the only piece of land in the Lagoa region that floods regularly... Land between Lagoa and Interbank has been known to flood; Land between Rolear and Intermarche has been known to flood... and what about the rice fields.... See that I do know the region...??
I did not say there was no wildlife... I did say no wildlife of any value.. Also birds will fly the 10 miles to either the Portimao Wetlands and or the Salgados area...
Much ado about nothing....
This is Portugal when Lisbon has decreed it is to be... unless they promise to abolish tolls....

Trust No One!
+2 #9 Carl Hawker 2018-02-04 19:11
fred 13 regarding your other quote .
I would love to know where you got your facts from regarding this statement, as Apolonia and Aldi were not built on the wetland area . the only wetland area was always the Paulo de Lagoa or Alagoas Brancas as it is called. This is the only area that floods regularly each year and provides sanctuary fro the wildlife in the area.
As far as taking the Algarve out of the medieval times You just make me laugh. I have lived here for thirty years and watched the gradual beauty of the Algarve destroyed in the name of what they call progress.
There is saying that says
"when all the trees are cut down,
When all the fish have been eaten,
and when all the land has been built on,
Only then will man realize that money can not be eaten. "
0 #8 Ed 2018-02-04 17:31
Quoting fred13:
Once again the socialist are hacking away @ Sonae who by building some shopping centers almost singlehandedly removed the medieval times from the Algarve.... That " ruling Socialist Party " members protest is just out of sheer "Clientilismo and Amigismo" look it up or ask a portugese person what that means.... Why were there no protests when Apollonia and Aldi were build in much the same place... The Wetland in Lagoa was enlarged as a result of the construction of these 2 supermarkets and despite of (poorly engineered) waterworks... Just another political scam... According to Local huntsmen... there is nothing of any wildlife value there...
Please do not take a stand when reporting without proper investigation... I do agree with the Salgados Situation because that was really unique.... until there was a Golf Course created.... By big money... This is Portugal

Proper investigation reveals the remaining Lagoa wetland is about to be built over by Sonae.

As for hunters saying there is no wildlife in this area, this is incorrect as a recent study has logged numbers and species, revealing the richness and diversity of wildlife that is using this rapidly shrinking area.
-1 #7 Ed 2018-02-04 17:23
Quoting fred13:
Furthermore the picture below this article was NOT taken @ the Lagoa wetland...


I can confirm that they were taken at Alagoas Brancas by Carl Hawker, clearly you do not know the area well... or is this a case of -

+3 #6 Carl Hawker 2018-02-04 16:53
Seconly fred 13
don´t make statements unless you know what you are talking about.
Again here is the list from Alagoas from the day the photo was taken with more pictures .
+4 #5 Carl Hawker 2018-02-04 16:44
Fred 13
I quite assure you that this photo was taken at Alagoas by my self on Feb 1st this year
Here is the link to my e- bird check list for that day along with more photos
+1 #4 anabela blofeld 2018-02-04 16:23
Dear Fred 13 .... I do not know you are as you obviously need to hide. The pictures we provide are all taken at the Alagoas. This particular one was taken by Carl Hawker and I am sure he can confirm that. As for your other comments you obviously have an interested in the Alagoas Brancas being covered up. Otherwise you would not be afraid to comment with your real name and state facts that are ´veridicos`( please check on google translate =) ...... or otherwise visit the Alagoas yourself and see with your own eyes.... unless of course you are worried you might be disapointed !!!! https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=salvar%20a%20lagoa%20de%20lagoa%20-%20save%20lagoa%27s%20lagoa%20(fresh%20water%20wetland%20habitat)
+1 #3 anabela blofeld 2018-02-04 16:16
[quote name="fred13"]Furthermore the picture below this article was NOT taken @ the Lagoa wetland...

Really ??? Can you prove otherwise? Please be my guest....

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