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EN125 blocked by crash near Portimão

INEM125A driver had to be cut from his vehicle after a head-on crash on the EN125 this morning.
The accident at Figueira, Portimão, meant the road was closed as emergency teams used cutting equipment to free the injured man who was taken to the nearby Portimão hospital.
The car and the good vehicle are reported to have hit each other head-on despite this section of road having had recent 'improvements' to increase safety, including a concrete central reservation and reduced opportunities to proceed as a sensible speed.
The accident happened at 07:57 on Wednesday Feb 14th in front of a plant nursery. Police, firemen and emergency ambulance personnel were soon on hand and the injured drivers were said not to have been badly hurt.
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+1 #1 pierceyterry@yahoo.c 2018-02-15 16:24
Road improvements ? !!!!

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