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Unconscious French limpet collector rescued by Ferragudo lifeboat crew

barlaventohospitalA 68-year-old French tourist, slipped and fell, lying unconscious on the rocks below the Arade Castle in Ferragudo having banger her head.
An alert was received by the Ferragudo Lifeboat station at 10:45am which dispatched a crew.
First aid was given at the scene and an ambulance was called, as was a Maritime Police team from Portimão.
The pensioner, who "had bruises on her lower limbs and head and was unconscious at the beginning of the rescue," slipped on the rocks when she was “engaged in the collection of limpets.”
Attended by the Lagoa Bombeiros, the injured French tourist was taken to  Portimão hospital for checks and monitoring.
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+1 #1 Tezz 2018-02-21 08:58
Given the pollution in the river downstream from the sewage outtfalls she was probably more at risk from eating the shellfish

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