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Police officers injured in Olhão hammer attack

pspThree officers from the Public Security Police were attacked by a man wielding a hammer and a hoe.
The attack took place in Olhão at around 6 pm on Tuesday.
The police had responded to a warning from a member of the public that a man was causing trouble at an auto-repair workshop in the town.
When the police arrived, they tried to calm the man but were attacked, suffering injuries from a hammer and a hoe.
The 45-year-old man, whose motives for the attack are, as yet, unknown, was arrested and the PSP agents had to be taken to Faro Hospital to have their wounds treated.
One officer has a broken finger and a shoulder injury, another had suffered a head injury which required stitches.
UPDATE 28 February: the attacker was in court on Wednesday morning and is to be admitted to Faro hospital’s psychiatric ward for evaluation, as ordered by the judge.
A police source said that, "When the officers arrived in a patrol car, the man went into the workshop and stripped himself, covered himself with oil and then assaulted the agents before being detained."
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-1 #2 Dimitrov 2018-02-28 16:32
So someone finally had enough of these gnr thugs and lashed out, most likely what happened. Gnr has o to do with catching real crims or stopping crime, they are only about robbing people in algarve through fictitious fines and harasement of the general population.
If given orders, these gnr will shoot u down if u protest against portuguese state terror.
Every camerra council in portugal uses gnr as tgere own private best you down bully intimidation boys.
Stalin would be proud.
Good news, soon the eu will collapse. Soon italy has salvini, another card is pulled from the eu house of cards. :()
-1 #1 Malcolm.H 2018-02-28 11:14
I am amongst many of us foreigners who feel we have been turned over by dodgy garages servicing our vehicles in Portugal. Mostly to do with the hidden things like changing oil or resetting dodgy electronics. I have even resorted to dabbing paint on drain nuts and on one occasion dived under the car when being asked to pay. Finding the nut hadn't been touched. Without blinking the mechanic owner said his apprentice, conveniently no where to be seen so perhaps non-existent, had been given the job. But he would now do it himself.
The next day sure enough the paint had been shifted - but without draining the gearbox how was I to find out if the oil had been fully changed ? So off to try my luck at another garage. Must remember to pack a hoe next time.