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"Stay away from the cliffs" warns National Maritime Authority

cliffsThe National Maritime Authority has warned the public to stay away from the cliffs, especially along the Algarve coastline, as stability may well have been affected by the recent rain and high seas.
"The Maritime Authority warns the population of the imminent danger of cliffs collapsing, which are very unstable due to the bad weather that has been felt in recent days," reads the AMN website.
The alert extends to "the entire population of the mainland, Madeira and the Azores, and in particular the southern Algarve coast."
The Authority urges people to stay away from cliffs and rocky coastlines and not to walk along cliffs or below them.
The note also warns citizens to "comply with and respect the signs posted by the authorities."
The Maritime Authority says that some cliffs have been pounded by huge waves and the rain has been pouring down cliff faces and fissures, which has led serious deterioration.
This warning fits in well with the Algarve Environmental Agency’s remit to scrape away cliffs at tourist beaches, ‘in the interests of public safety.’
This coastal master plan already has led to some senseless acts of vandalism against the natural environment, the most obvious of which was the remodeling of Praia Dona Ana in Lagos, which went from ‘the most beautiful beach in the world, according to Condé Naste Traveller, to an ‘also ran.’
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+3 #1 Jane Tennant 2018-03-06 16:02
I am grateful for this warning, especially as the signs along the cliffs of Praia da Luz to Burgau, which were put up years ago, have now fallen into complete disrepair, with just the stumps of the signs remaining in many cases. The cliffs are never inspected, and local fisherman regularly park their vehicles (and leave their rubbish) along the lovely open stretches. Quad bikes, motorbikes and bikes with rough tyres have done a jolly good job of eroding many of the paths, and the purpose built stone chipping path to the west of Praia da Luz has not been maintained since the day it was finished. Where is the Algarve Environment Agency when you need it?

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