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Celtejo has been polluting the Tagus for years

TejoFoamIn response to the questioning by the environmental group, ZERO, the Ministry of the Environment has revealed the 2015 and 2016 discharge figures relating to the Celtejo 'Bleached Eucalyptus Kraft Pulp' (BEKP) plant.
The self-monitoring data sent in by the company for these two years shows it was way over the permissible pollution limits for the discharge of effluent into the Tagus river.
In 2015 Celtejo dumped 2.5 kg CBO5/tSA,* well above its licensed limit issued in 2014, which was 0.9 kg CBO5/tSA.
As for 2016, Celtejo increased its illegal discharge to 2.8 kg CBO5/tSA, higher even than the limit set in its new license issued in 2016 of 2.5 kg CBO5/tSA.
Although the Ministry of the Environment increased the CBO5 discharge limit specified on the license, from 0.9 to 2.5 kg CBO5/tSA, in 2016 the company still failed to stick to the rules.
As for 2017, according to data, Celtejo issued 2.1 kg CBO5/tSA to meet its emission limit, but only because the Ministry incomprehensibly had raised this limit from 0.9 to 2.5 kg CBO5/tSA.
The Ministry has confirmed that it has filed a lawsuit against Celtejo for the discharges the plant made in 2015, but has not yet clarified what measures it has, or will be taking in response to repeated illegal pollution dumping in 2016.
ZERO can see no reason for the Ministry not to keep the €150,000 deposit lodged by the company for environmental damage eventualities.
Keeping this deposit doesn’t stop the Ministry suing the company for the €1 million cost of the clean-up operation it was obliged to pay for when a thick layer of foam was deposited in the Tagus, triggering media interest and government intervention.
If the company does not pay the clean-up costs, taxpayers will have been forced to pay for a private company deliberately and excessively polluting a national river.
Since 2005, Celtejo has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Altri SGPS, S.A. based in Oporto,
Altri’s dominant shareholders are not hard to find should dorectors be held personally liable for the cost of their company's environmental damage: 
Paulo Jorge dos Santos Fernandes, through ACTIUM CAPITAL, S.A,  
Domingos José Vieira de Matos through  LIVREFLUXO, S.A. 
João Manuel Matos Borges de Oliveira through CADERNO AZUL, S.A. 
Ana Rebelo de Carvalho Menéres de Mendonça through PROMENDO - SGPS, S.A. 
and José Manuel de Almeida Archer.

Other shareholders are 1 THING, INVESTMENTS, S.A., whose board of directors includes Altri's director, Pedro Miguel Matos Borges de Oliveira and PROMENDO - SGPS, S.A., of which the director Ana Rebelo de Carvalho Menéres de Mendonça is director and majority shareholder.
Altri's website truthfully describes how its “business operations have a big social impact on local communities,” although perhaps not the sort of impact it had in mind.
Under a section dealing with 'processing plants' Altri's website states:
"We foster initiatives to create long-lasting good relationships with institutions and associations located near our production plants. By charitable donations and logistical support, the company contributes to projects to enhance local living standards."
Examples of this largesse is said to include, "renewing landscape and ecosystems," which will be useful when addressing the damage caused to the Tagus and the rapid decline in native fish species which has led to dozens of local fishermen fighting a losing battle to keep their livelihoods.
Dominant shareholder Paulo Jorge dos Santos Fernandes also controls Cofina, a company that publishes Jornal de Negocios, Record, Correio da Manha, and Sabado as well as many trade titles.
Co-directors at this media group include Altri shareholders Domingos José Vieira de Matos, João Manuel Matos Borges de Oliveira, Ana Rebelo de Carvalho Menéres de Mendonça whose influence over editorial policy, should Altri be fined for its subsidiary's river pollution, may be tested to the full. 
Negocios today, for example, reported on the pulp producer’s 2017 results (net profit up 24.8% to €96.1 million) and did not mention any nastiness over pollution and probable fines, not their potential effect on share price.
CBO5/tSA - 'quilogramas de carência bioquímica de oxigénio por tonelada de pasta seca ao ar'
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0 #3 Jack Reacher 2018-03-09 05:37
Deliberate greenwashing lies & crimes.against the environment. Lock them.up.
+1 #2 TerryP 2018-03-08 21:25
Quoting nogin the nog:
SELF MONITERING. Is the Environment Agency
related to Mr Magoo Costa by any chance.. :-*
Even when 'self-monitoring', this company managed to go over its pollution limit...
0 #1 nogin the nog 2018-03-08 21:07
SELF MONITERING. Is the Environment Agency
related to Mr Magoo Costa by any chance.. :-*

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