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Storm Felix leaves as Gisele arrives

RainandSunLogoAfter storm Felix exhausts itself, to the detriment of Portugal’s coastline and agricultural infrastructure, Portugal’s weather service has warned of the next event, storm Gisele.

This new spate of bad weather is scheduled to hit the mainland this week after it has moved on from the Azores, heading to the UK but affecting Portugal, en route.

The depression currently is north-northwest of the Azores, moving eastwards and certainly will hit northwest Spain will full force.

With the cold front created by Gisele, Portugal will start to feel the effects from Wednesday onwards with rain, at times torrential, accompanied by hail and thunderstorms although these mostly will affect  the central and northern parts of the mainland.
The wind also will pick up again, especially along the west coast and higher ground.
The sea will have waves of 5 to 6 metres along the west coast.

In the Algarve, we can expect high winds and patchy rain on Wednesday, followed by some sunny periods on Thursday and Friday and a generally wet and windy Saturday.





+6 #1 Mildred 2018-03-13 19:45
Hmm .... solar storms as well as these storms will hit us in Portugal tomorrow as well. Potentially knocking out satellites, GPS's, transformers and power lines. Remember therefore to disconnect sensitive equipment from both the mains and the phone lines. Or, as so many us have found out the hard way here ... risk losing it.