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Tavira pensioner loses €230,000 in cash

gnrpatrolMembers of the Tavira GNR have arrested a 45-year-old man wanted in connection with the theft of €230,000 in cash, the property of a local pensioner.
A police operation has been carried out in Tavira and Olhão as part of the investigation into the theft after 13 search warrants were issued for homes, a commercial establishment and eight vehicles as well as an arrest warrant.

The case started when the Tavira pensioner complained that he has been relieved of €230,000 in cash. The searches yesterday resulted in the seizure of six cars; computer equipment, four mobile phones and several rare coins.

The weaponry that the GNR discovered included five shotguns, a rifle, knives, three air-guns, a starting pistol, a defence spray can, a baton and some replica guns.

The GNR has not revealed news as to the whereabouts of the cash.

Tavira:GNR "caça" homem que furtou idoso em 230 mil euros

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+1 #2 Karl bl 2018-03-18 08:32
:-) most portuguese keep their money in the bank of alentagio so the the tax and finances cannot help themselves without asking. You only need a shovel to open a account.
0 #1 Peter Booker 2018-03-16 08:01
Here is a pensioner who reasonably did not want to entrust his money to a bank. But his solution was not secure; €230 000 in one place? Under his mattress? And where did he get this money from? Sounds highly suspicious.

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