Galp - oil giant unable to run a simple billing system

galpLogoDeco has advised hundreds of Galp’s electricity and gas customers, not to pay their bills.
Delays by Galp in failing to send out their invoices on time, a contractual essential, has placed many consumers in the enviable position of being entitled to refuse payment.
The delays have been caused by the age old excuse for incompetence, “a change in the company's billing system,” leaving hundreds of electricity and natural gas customers with a free energy supply.
The mid-2017 change in Galp's billing system, caused long delays in sending out bills, 350 Portuguese families have never received one and now may owe thousands of euros.
Ana Sofia Ferreira, coordinator of Deco's Consumer Support Office, said that "at the end of March we had consumers who had not yet received an invoice, with a delay of eight or nine months." She advises these lucky ones simply refuse to pay.
"We are facing a breach by the company, because the frequency of invoicing is one of the contractual conditions. It is not the first time that Galp has had a problem in its billing system, which ends up having serious repercussions due to the fact that a large numbers of consumers will be harmed by this situation," added Ferreira.
On 10 April this year, the Energy Services Regulatory Authority issued a 'recommendation' regarding delays in billing by electricity and gas companies which will digested and then ignored.
The Authority received more than 8,600 complaints related to electricity and gas billing last year, more than half of these concerned Galp and its inability to send out invoices on time.
With Galp’s now proven inability to run a simple billing system, critics are right to ask how this company can be expected to coordinate the technological intricacies of oil production, should it be allowed to start drilling off Aljezur this year.
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0 #2 James Scarfe 2018-04-22 21:19
Without a doubt the worst company in Portugal for customer satisfaction. They simply do not care. I switched my electricity to them because of the 55% discount coupon on the potencia charge which shows on your invoice. Because of their inability to make sensible estimates and
put the potentia discount on a credit note they say that they posted the coupon to an address which is so abbreviated it has no meaning. When chased for this coupon they are happy to advise that they have no system for sending it again. Their systems are very poor and their ability to estimate for a period is woeful. What basis they use is not understandable.They give you a date by which you should put in a reading but even early on that day it is closed and they have moved forward to the next month. One monthly estimate I received was more than my whole years supply.
Next error and I am finished and will deduct missing coupon after cancelling my direct debit.
Do not move your electricity supply to this company what you might save is not worth the aggravation.
+5 #1 Mr John 2018-04-16 21:07
The best thing i ever did was rid myself of anything Galp, last year, upon my return i do the customary routine of turning everything on to look for any faults, all was ok except in one apartment the gas stove had no gas, (piped in gas by Galp) i called Galp to enquire, they told me they cut the gas service for ''failure of payment'' every utility bill is paid direct debit by the bank, maybe the bank account is empty, but all the other bills are paid, so i go to the bank, i spend 1 day then another, and another, every invoice the bank received had been paid, i call Galp, i tell them all invoices have been paid, they tell me 9 invoices unpaid, i tell them i don't have any unpaid invoices, turns out they never sent the invoices, they first cut the gas service, send the debt to a collection agency then 3 months later send the 9 invoices, they never apologised, it was my fault i didn't pay unknown invoices, i begged for them to reconnect the service by simply turning a valve but they refused, to reconnect the service involved inspections, fees and more fees, more paperwork, i told them to come and remove the gas meter, they refused and demanded i make a new contract, i told them if they didn't take the meter i would disconnect it and throw it over the balcony into the street, they verbally threatened me with legal action, i told them i had a spanner in my hand and knew how to use it, 2 days later someone collected the meter (my utility meters are inside the apartment) who do these people think they are, i changed to an electric stove and hot water, stuff them all at Galp.

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