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Prisoners clear rubbsh from Ria Formosa island beaches

armonaAirielPrisoners are getting some fresh air and exercise while clearing-up rubbish and cutting back vegetation on the Ria Formosa island of Armona.
These days of useful labour are organised by Olhão council with the cooperation of the Council waste and water company, AmbiOlhão.
Five inmates of Olhão prison have been cleaning the beaches and cutting back trees and vegetation and will carry on doing so for two weeks, under the watchful eye of prison guards.
One prisoner, serving a five and a half year sentence, said, "It's good to be out and make a contribution to society."
Those picked for beach duty have served at least half of their sentences and have been noted for their good behaviour. For the director of the Olhão Prison, Júlio Melo, the relationship with Olhão Council could not be better,
"They sold me the Chamber of Olhão as an inaccessible 'monster', but it's nothing like that. We have a great relationship and we are both working for the local community. For the work we have done and the work we will do, it’s Olhão Council that supplies the materials, which is a great help."
Olhão’s taxpayers fund the prisoners’ transport and pay a small wage for the work. AmbiOlhão provides support material and food to the 'employees' of the cleaning gang.
As for the prisoners, Melo says, "These men have already proved that we can trust their work and they are increasingly closer to parole."
Volunteers and staff from the nearby Real Marina hotel have done their own bit for the environment by picking up rubbish along the beaches on Armona Island, Fuseta and in the Marim area.
The Real Hotels group has the "We Go Green", environmental responsibility programme, which includes an annual voluntary garbage collection in the Ria Formosa Natural Park.
Started five years ago, the clean up involves about 160 employees who this year collected 4.4 tons of garbage including glass, plastic, cartons, metal, clothing, ropes and discarded fishing nets.
The hotel group's initiative has the support of Ria Formosa Tours, that transported the volunteers to the Islands, the ICNF - Ria Formosa Natural Park and AmbiOlhão.


0 #1 RG 2018-05-17 18:44
We were on the island a few days ago and it is beautiful. And what a great idea getting some inmates to do some work and maybe get some satisfaction from the work they have done.