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Two street vendors ran-off during police swoop

sunglassesMaritime Police officers from  Faro spent part of last Sunday, May 13, trying to nab those sellers who tout all sorts of tat to tourists on the beach, mostly operating without a licence.
The police concentrated their efforts at the beaches between Vilamoura and Garrão.
During the bungled swoop, five street vendors were spotted of whom only three were questioned as the other two, when they saw the Maritime Police, legged it.
The police later reported that the sellers that they did manage to intercept and question, "did not have any type of authorisation or licence for carrying out the activity, so officers seized all the articles that were for sale, as a precautionary measure and to keep as evidence for their investigation in administrative offences."
Five cases of administrative infraction were registered, for the sale of clothing, bags, sun-glasses, watches, hats and beach towels.


-1 #3 Darren 2018-05-17 13:56
Yet again an example of the segmenting Portugal's law enforcement excels in so as to aid the higher league wrongdoers. No doubt the two who escaped reached the nearest car park, so out of bounds to Maritime Police. As none of the Terrestial Police had been briefed to attend with 'policing their beat' these vendors live to sell another day. Just incidentally - one way to check which is which on a beach is look for webbed feet with the Maritimes and, further inland, expensive designer sunglasses - far beyond their wages - on the Terrestials.
+2 #2 mj1 2018-05-16 21:27
what busy little bees the police can be chasing arch villains selling tourist stuff. meantime real corruption takes place in offices up and down the country, do the gnr run to those hotbeds of crime?
-2 #1 Chip 2018-05-16 20:42
Not before time. I often wondered what the maritime police did all day.