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Cristiano Ronaldo handed two-year jail sentence in tax fraud case

ronaldoCristiano Ronaldo has been handed a two-year jail sentence and will pay €18.8m in a deal with the Spanish court in a high-profile tax evasion case.

Ronaldo, who is with the Portuguese national team at the World Cup in Russia, has agreed to pay a fine for four tax offences and will be given a two-year jail sentence.

There will be no handcuffs and prison slop for this young man, oh no, as under Spanish law, a sentence of two years or under for a first time offender can be served on probation. If Ronaldo behaves himself for 24-months, he will not see the inside of a prison cell and is free to pursue his lucrative career.

Ronaldo stood accused of evading tax payable on earnings from his image rights while resident in Spain. At first, the footballer denied all allegations but later he pleaded guilty to the offences and will pay the pay back €5.7 million in tax, plus fines and interest.

The conclusion includes absolving Ronaldo’s advisors, his agent Jorge Mendes and his lawyer Carlos Osório, of any wrongdoing despite both being accused of setting up the devious scheme to hide the star’s image rights income from the taxman.

The deal needs to be signed off by the new director of the Spanish Tax Agency and all criminal and administrative proceedings will be halted, just as Portugal takes on Spain in Friday evening’s first Round ‘B’ match in the World Cup.

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0 #6 Ed 2018-06-18 19:43
Quoting Darcy:
All people who avoid paying their taxes should be locked up, this includes queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles for their part in Tax avoidance.

Tax avoidance is not a criminal offence.
-1 #5 Charly 2018-06-18 19:04
Darcy, this case concerns only and exclusively "a Portugese guy" so please do not deviate unnecessary and stupidely...
-1 #4 Darcy 2018-06-18 16:00
All people who avoid paying their taxes should be locked up, this includes queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles for their part in Tax avoidance.
+2 #3 nobulls hit 2018-06-17 09:56
Personally I wouldn't have minded if he ended up with handcuffs... But yeah, we know, he is "too big to fail"...
0 #2 Jeff Brown 2018-06-17 07:35
I'm with Jefferson on this. Just adding that this prosecution would not have happened in Ronaldo's homeland. Lets face it - Ronaldo is a footballer. Not a tax evader specialist - lawyer, football agent or accountant. Each of these will have many advisors and assistants of their own. Added to which the sponsoring companies accountants will be well aware that some of their money to Ronaldo's people was below the table, undeclared to their own taxman and sent to a different account or paid cash - only some of the sponsorship paid above the table and declared. All these specialists absolved.
+4 #1 Jefferson 2018-06-16 19:04
Yet again an 'out of Europe' judgement as yet again the professional advisors are 'absolved'. When will the Graeco-Romans develop themselves sufficiently to begin prosecuting these 'intentionally' illegal activities by the professionals. This is what holds back the developed EU. As so often argued on the expat websites and ADN - the EU is only as strong as its weakest links and Spain and Portugal are definitely amongst these.

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