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EN125 road company quits

roadworksPortugal’s maligned national infrastructure authority now is in control of the Algarve’s EN125 - along its entire length.

The concession holder, Rotas do Algarve Litoral, announced on Friday, 6th June, that is was quitting and immediately suspended its 14 road safety managers, claiming that it has not been paid for the work it has completed on the EN125 western section.

The decision was made after the Court of Auditors rejected Infraestruturas de Portugal’s move to take over responsibility for the eastern section of the EN125 so that it could start the process of upgrading the crumbling and dangerous road.

This left Rotas do Algarve Litoral in charge of the entire length of road, a deal that it did not want to continue with.

The emergency road repairs in the eastern section are to be completed this week after a €250,000 spend has seen the worst sections of road surface cut away and re-laid.

The full upgrade of the eastern section now comes under the control and management of the national infrastructure authority which no longer will be able to hide behind ‘contractual issues’ for further delays.


0 #6 Ed 2018-07-14 14:22
Quoting Darcy:
It is difficult to understand why a company would undertake work for an employer, who has not paid for previous work that was completed about 2 years ago !!

The work was completed on Friday, January 12th 2018.
+2 #5 Denby 2018-07-11 07:35
Hickory dickory dock,
Really delighted that the EN125 (western) is a pleasure to drive on and it was a struggle also to get to the standard that is today.
However, the EN125 East bound, has been brought back from the brink of disappearing into a gravel road and is now, thanks to the repairs it is a road that is now safe to travel on.
Thanks again to the Mayor's of Castro Marim and VRSA for organising the protesting rallies and giving people of the area a sense of empowerment.
+1 #4 Hickory Dickory Dock 2018-07-10 19:33
What a shame. They did an excellent job on the Western section, especially in the great heat of 2017. It really is a pleasure to drive along it now(sorry Eastern section). Ridiculous that they have not been paid.
+1 #3 Darcy 2018-07-10 18:25
It is difficult to understand why a company would undertake work for an employer, who has not paid for previous work that was completed about 2 years ago !!
+2 #2 Peter Booker 2018-07-10 08:17
If it is true that Rotas do Algarve Litoral has not been paid for the western section improvements, it is hardly surprising that they do not want to continue to the east.

So why have their bills not been paid? Because of contractural difficulties? Or, more likely, because Infrastruturas de Portugal has avoided meeting its liabilities? But who will want to do this work on the eastern EN125 if they know that their bills will not be paid?
+2 #1 Denby 2018-07-09 22:21
This sounds like good news for the public that use the EN125 and hopefully this important National road will gain it's noble status again and will be given the honour and respect it deserves by been kept orderly, tidy and safe.
Highest regards to the Major of Catro Marim, Francisco Amaral and the Major of Vila Real de Santo Antonio, Conceicao Cabrita, for their dedication and energy in pointing the spotlight on the terrible state of the road.
Who knows, the National Infrastructure Authority may indeed go even further with the EN125 and design a cycle lane which would stretch the whole length of the Algarve, from East to West., this would encourage a new type of tourist, cyclists and walkers.