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In2south launched to boost ecotourism

aradedamIn2south presents the South of Portugal as the ideal location for practicing ecotourism and creative tourism, in perfect symbiosis with the values of responsible tourism.

Proactivetur’s new brand is aimed at travellers looking for walking tours, bird watching, creative and gastronomic experiences based around local culture and get-together activities with villages, always in a close sustainable relationship with the values of the territory and local communities.

Proactivetur has just launched the 'In2south' digital platform (www.in2south.pt), on which it presents a varied selection of tourist experiences to discover in a 'less touristy' Algarve. It thus reinforces the investment made by this responsible tourism company in the promotion of unique activities in the region, imbued with a strong connection with the local heritage and people.

'In2south' is the name of this new brand, striving to inspire tourists from Northern Europe to visit the South to experience its rich natural and cultural heritage.

This new digital tool features a varied choice of tourism programmes, from hiking, bird watching trips, or creative activities with craftspeople, to gastronomic experiences in the inland region of the Algarve, conducted by hosts that stand apart in how they cook and relate to the territory.

“In2south” came about from the need to organise the range of activities that Proactivetur has been promoting for several years in the Algarve, in a structure essentially aimed at their dissemination and marketing. But it also strives to highlight (and get customers engaged in) a responsible approach to tourism in the Algarve, where the focus is on the people living in the inland areas and the special cultural and natural features of the region.

Participants will be able to follow the evolution of some indicators of the impact made by Proactivetur’s activity in the territory, such as the number of overnight stays in villages, meals prepared by small local restaurants or support for NGOs working in the management of the Via Algarviana and the Rota Vicentina.

'In2south' is a registered trademark of Proactivetur, supported as part of a project funded under Portugal2020 ('Innovation Vouchers').

For more information, visit www.in2south.pt or contact Proactivetur www.proactivetur.pt Contacts: 966132552 João Ministro) pictured below) or e-mail: joao.ministro@proactivetur.pt






+1 #2 ecotour 2018-07-10 16:32
one, if they can't control the easy task of educating people to clean up after their dogs and control barking dogs, what hope is there, it all begins with educating the young.

two, how about these ecotourwarriors clean up just a little rubbish they encounter, eventually the country would be pristine, wouldn'y that be great, but a pipe-dream,,, is just that.
0 #1 Darren 2018-07-10 15:38
This will sadly just be a cosmetic exercise unless the tourists 'adopt' and make regular returns to specific projects. So much red list plants and wildlife in Portugal has disappeared just since it had been red listed! The notification of a provisional marking on a map, without any connected statutory protection,being the green light for the landowner to destroy the almost extinct species. As he sees the listing, even though only to be seen on specialist EU funded private maps, as limiting his options.
Ask your Municipal if they have a Wildlife Protection Strategy and in particular Bee Protection Planning. You will rarely get more than a blank stare - at best someone will be wheeled out to look pained and shrug their shoulders impotently!