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Super-pod of 3,000 dolphins spotted near Portuguese waters

DolphinsUnderwaterThe largest group of dolphins ever seen by the Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute crossed the Rias Baixas, near Vigo, Galicia, on July 5th.

The pod of over three thousand dolphins were sighted about 40 kilometres from Portuguese territory.

The images captured by the researchers were shared on Facebook and already have tens of thousands of viewings.

The marine biologists say that large groups usually are only spotted off California and South Africa.

The dolphins usually only group together in such large numbers when they come across an abundance of food.

The institute that sighted and recorded the group is a centre for the investigation and study of the behavior of dolphins and whales, operating from a research facility in Galicia, Spain although based in Sardinia.

Click HERE to see the recording



0 #2 Darcy 2018-07-11 19:04
Can you explain how the Portugese fishermen or any fishermen would try to kill a pod of dolphins !!
Have you ever tried to follow a pod of dolphins ....
0 #1 bottlenose 2018-07-11 17:18
I'm happy yet saddened by this story, as a sailor and the son of a fisherman, i know exactly why the dolphins are where they are, they are chasing one of Portugal's finest fish, the sardine, if the fisherman come upon these pods there will be carnage, perhaps someone like Greenpeace could escort these beautiful animals that have saved my life twice and let them live another day.