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Hell’s Angels - 39 held in prison until trial

HellsAngelsLogoA Lisbon judge has sent 39 of the Hell’s Angels gang members to jail, pending trial. Of the 58 arrested in Portugal last week, the remaining 19 detainees will have to report daily to the authorities in their home Council areas.
The criminal investigation judge ruled that 39 of the 58 detainees of the Hell's Angels motorcycle group should be detained.

The defendants that have been released are banned from visiting the international motorbike festival in Faro, which runs from Thursday to Sunday.

Of the defendants who have been detained, four could qualify for house arrest with an electronic bracelet, depending on an endorsement by the prison service.

The defendants are indicted for criminal association, attempted murder, robbery, physical offense and drug trafficking.

The Public Prosecutor's Office had asked for pre-trial detention for 54 of the 58 detainees in Portugal, according to one of the defence lawyers. A 59th member is detained in Germany.

Defence lawyers argued that the measures to be implemented would be a deprivation of liberty, given the motorcycle festival in Faro and another in Góis this August.

One of the lawyers, Túlio Araújo, told reporters that the case against his clients was "very fragile" and that the evidence and accusations "are not properly individualised."

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0 #3 Ex-Scout 2018-07-21 08:56
Hopefully all the individual branches of the Algarve Police forces, including the Maritimes (in case any action spills over onto the beach) are all on the same page and well aware of the enmity between Hells Angels and the Scout Movement. Presumably the rubbish picking Belgian Scouts have left but, if not, at all costs must be kept away from the Bike Festival. When I was a Scout, many years ago, there were no proficiency badges for skills like "Streetfighting"; "Getting 3 or more Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBO's)" or "Taking a Vehicle without consent (TWOC's)" Nowadays having these kinds of lifeskills helps you live long enough to become a Venture Scout (or Ranger if a Guide).
0 #2 Mr Biker 2018-07-20 12:38
In the beginning, joining or being in a bike club was a great idea, today many countries are outlawing these gangs for what they are, so Portugal openly welcomes these clubs (gangs) into the country, if you want to know what they really are,, look up Comanchero motorcycle gang, as an example.
+4 #1 Hamilton 2018-07-20 09:50
accusations "are not properly individualised." ... good to see a PT lawyer coming out with this as nothing has changed since Gary Mann the Kent fireman was unfairly given a 2 year sentence for 'hooliganism' in the Algarve back in 2004.
As from the Telegraph (link below) "Mann ...... claimed that he had been tortured by police after his arrest in the Algarve resort, that he had no legal representation in court and that evidence which would have showed he was nowhere near the incident was not admitted by the judge and later destroyed."