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Madeleine case - Robert Murat waits 10-years for TVi "peadophile" compensation

A former suspect in the muratMadeleine McCann disappearance case, Robert Murat, has had a compensation award confirmed by Portugal’s Supreme Court of Justice which has ruled that TVi must pay up for calling him a paedophile.

The Court ruled that Robert Murat was fully justified in seeking compensation from TVi, which in 2007 had described him as a 'paedophile,' "in several live television broadcasts during news coverage of the case.

The ruling judges, under Fernanda Isabel Pereira, unanimously rejected the appeal that was lodged by the TV station and which helped drag the case on for ten years.

Murat will receive a payment of €16,000 from TVi and another €4,000 from the journalist who called him a paedophile, in a live broadcast in 2007.

The Supreme Court heard that the television station referred to Murat as a 'paedophile and that the police had found that “Murat frequented pages of sexual violence on the computer and communicated online through code messages."

The judges heard that Robert Murat, who lived in the Algarve at the time of Madeline McCann’ disappearance , "was jobless and economically dependent on his mother" and "was identified, pointed at and disturbed whenever he went out" and who received threats to his life and the lives of family members. 

TVI argued that it limited itself to reporting facts already described by the Portuguese and foreign media, but the judges did not accept this argument.

The Supreme Court decided to uphold the earlier decision and compel TVi to pay the €16,000 to Murat and €4,000 from the journalist who offended him.

Murat was libelled in more than 100 articles in the British tabloid press over the disappearance of Madeline in May 2007..

Murat accepted more than £600,000 in damages from 11 UK newspapers after a hearing in the high court lasting less than seven minutes in July 2008.

The Daily and Sunday Express and Daily Star from Express Newspapers; the Daily Mail, Evening Standard, and Metro of Associated Newspapers; the Daily and Sunday Mirror and the Scottish Daily Record of the MGN group; and News Group's Sun and News of the World - acknowledged that the stories they had run about Murat over nine months were entirely untrue, should never have been made and were unreservedly withdrawn.

Murat’s friend Michaela Walczuch and Sergey Malinka, an IT consultant and friend of the other two, also received six-figure damages.

Among the false and highly defamatory allegations, many spread luridly across front pages, were claims that Murat and his friends had been part of a paedophile ring, that they had lied to the police, and that DNA evidence of Madeleine had been found in his house.

Robert Murat was one of the first defendants (arguidos) in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann on May 3, 2007, but there was never any evidence against him and the Briton was cleared early on.

One year for full compensation through the UK courts, ten years in Portugal while the public is assured by the government that everything is OK with the justice system.

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+1 #10 Delgado 2018-08-01 08:16
In my opinion Murat was brought suddenly back to Portugal from Devon earlier that week to take the polices attention away from the McCanns. And as it says here he did very well financially for being the short term suspect.
+8 #9 AL 2018-07-24 10:02
Quoting Hamilton:
...any link of this abduction to paedophilia in the Algarve has to stress that this horrendous activity and psychiatric disorder must be Portuguese managed. ?
You assume too much! Perhaps you are forgetting that the biggest pedophilia scandals have come from the UK lately and those involved are found at very top of British society. The only reason the Madeleine case was not solved is because the Portuguese police were stopped from carrying out with their investigation, and this was because the McCanns have friends in high places.
+7 #8 chez 2018-07-24 09:17
€20,000 in total, a paltry amount for having your character assassinated. Perhaps if TVi had also flown over his property in a helicopter he may have received more.
+13 #7 Darcy 2018-07-23 23:02
If the Mc Cann's had not abandoned their three infants in an apartment, to have drinks with their friends, then they would still have little Maddie with them.
-2 #6 Hamilton 2018-07-23 16:33
Although any sane British wherever they are wants Madeleine safely returned to her parents any link of this abduction to paedophilia in the Algarve has to stress that this horrendous activity and psychiatric disorder must be Portuguese managed. It is idiotic to assume an adult British, or indeed any north European, will attempt to escort an obviously distressed pre-pubescent child onto a plane, train or ferry then a week or two later return with the same distressed pre-pubescent child. Past all those CCTV cameras and not expect anyone to notice!
So why do we hear no success stories from the Portuguese Child Protection and the PJ of them breaking up local paedophilia rings? Are VIP locals also involved?
+5 #5 Margaridaana 2018-07-23 14:28
Quoting Bananarama:
Now, Portugal has one job alone, and that is in my opinion, bring the McCanns to justice. There is no evidence of an abduction

Agree entirely. Try to get hold of Tony Bennet's books - read on!
0 #4 Hamilton 2018-07-23 11:33
entirely alien country..... ?
A bit hard you say. Then google in Portuguese for Bifes Malpasados de João Magueijo, still on the all time best seller list, and still getting high ratings in Portugal. Then ask yourself what other country could write such drivel about the citizens of another more evolved one whilst dishonestly claiming, in English, with abundant smiles to be a 'special friend' of theirs going back centuries. This schizoid reality was what Murat was telling the McCanns and why Murat had to be stopped.
+2 #3 Bananarama 2018-07-23 03:42
Now, Portugal has one job alone, and that is in my opinion, bring the McCanns to justice. There is no evidence of an abduction
+7 #2 Hamilton 2018-07-22 15:19
The difference is not just in the time getting 'justice' - it is also tin he valuation of the damage done to this chap's reputation. Being bi-lingual and brought up in that area he was an ideal assistant to the McCann parents in their desperate search for their missing child in an entirely alien country. Many would argue that the Portuguese damage was far greater as he remains in this country. Hopefully this amount is in addition to anything he had to pay Portuguese lawyers.
But then the acid attacked British Ellie Chessell was only awarded a few thousand for having her looks and life ruined. Both now presumably waiting a long time to get paid off fully - if at all.
+5 #1 Chip 2018-07-22 12:31
And how much longer do the British police want before they inform us of their promised substantial progress.
Or do they need a few more jollies in the Algarve first?

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