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Sunday was the deadliest day of the year so far

ChurchAltarMore than 400 people died of natural causes on Sunday, August 5th. The death rate was directly related to the high temperatures across Portugal.

The age group with the highest mortality was the over-75s, representing 324 of the 401 deaths recorded.

Saturday was not good news wither, with 309 deaths. The last period in which such a high death rate was logged was in January this year when the ‘flu epidemic that swept through the population, reached its peak.

The high number of deaths last weekend coincided with record temperatures in all regions except in the Algarve which was hot, but not exceptional.

Heat kills when core body temperature rises too high and everything breaks down: the gut leaks toxins into the body, cells begin to die, and a devastating inflammatory response can occur.

The elderly and those with chronic medical conditions have more difficulty regulating their body temperatures than those in midlife. Medications for some chronic diseases can make the problem worse. Likewise, the signals between body and brain that make people feel thirsty may not function as well in old age.

The elderly, neurologically disabled and mentally ill also tend to be more socially isolated than their younger, healthier counterparts, far and away the biggest risk factor for dying during a heat wave.

Elderly people living alone in apartments without airconditioning are particularly at risk.

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-2 #5 Margaridaana 2018-08-08 13:19
Quoting Charly:
Dear Jane, Ed informs us that more than 400 PEOPLE died because of the extreme heat. And you only think of your…. dogs ! I am really shocked !

Unfortunately, many older people succumb to the heat, it is a fact of life. This is usual and not really relevant to the fact that we should also be concerned about animals, especially the poor creatures tied up without shade, water and unable to escape fires.
+7 #4 Jane Wilson 2018-08-08 09:52
Thanks Marjolein - one of the less publicised tragedies of last years fatal fires in Pedrogao Grande and Gois was the thousands of 'domesticated' animals that died also. Chained up or locked in sheds so unable to escape. Dogs left to guard properties. How many likewise in this current Monchique fire - the owners with no planning in place or even the thought of trying to save them?
-4 #3 marjolein Massis 2018-08-08 05:22
Dear Charlie, may I inform you that there are persons who are able to have
feelings and concern for people and animals at the same time! Thank God for them.
+15 #2 Charly 2018-08-07 18:50
Dear Jane, Ed informs us that more than 400 PEOPLE died because of the extreme heat. And you only think of your…. dogs ! I am really shocked !
0 #1 Jane Wilson 2018-08-07 18:03
We must keep mentioning pets. Make sure they have adequate water and shade, with the freedom to move to new shaded areas so unchained. One useful suggestion we have learnt is to place wet towels over our two long haired sheepdogs when they are lying down or trying to sleep in our house.