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Lesser weaver fish puncture 244 bathers

beachPescadoresAlbufeiraThe 31 beach first aid posts dotted along the Algarve coast, run by the by the region’s Health Administration and the Portuguese Red Cross, registered 2,067 visits in July including sunstroke, nasty bites and puncture wounds from sea creatures, cuts and insect bites.

Of the total, 1,159 people had treatments and dressings, and 244 were treated for puncture wounds and poisonous stings from Echiichthys vipera, the 'Peixe Aranha' or Lesser weaver fish.

394 people had their blood pressure measured, 111 injections were administered and 126 people had blood glucose tests

During the month, only 33 people were referred to hospital or healthcare units, thus reducing significantly the pressure on national health service hospitals.

About 68% of the people that went to beach health posts in July were not Algarve residents with 52% being Portuguese residents from other regions of the country and 16% beiong foreigners on holiday.

The first aid posts with the highest number of visits was the one in Armação de Pera in the Silves Council area, Armona Island off Olhão and Culatra Island that comes under Faro.

Seven of these cost-effective and well used first aid posts will remain open until mid-September.




+8 #1 Damian kyne 2018-08-10 08:30
If our children stood on them in the UK we put the foot in hot water this immediatly reduces the pain as the poison is deactivated. It always helped.