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Jet2 passenger moved to 'stinky toilets' area to make space for VIP

airplane2Jet2’s PR department has yet to respond to a customer’s claim that he and his family were relegated to seats near ‘a stinky toilet’ to make way for Coleen Rooney - wife of the footballer, Wayne Rooney – and members of her family.

Mrs Rooney later said she was completely unaware of the preferential treatment afforded to her family party but Mark Cassin was not best pleased when his group was moved to the cheap seats near a toilet area with odour issues.

Having paid a hefty £2,735 for a return flight from Manchester to Faro for himself, Lynn, his son Joshua, dad Tom, Lynn's sister Kathryn Pullar and her partner Richard Townend, plus paying an additional £60 to reserve seats so they could sit together, Mark Cassin’s group was moved to make way for someone more famous.

Cassin has taken to Facebook to complain of the incident on the Jet 2 flights from Faro to Manchester on 28 July. He says that a flight attendant informed him that Coleen Rooney needed to sit in his reserved seats so she could be with her three children, all aged eight and below.



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0 #4 Mr graham 2018-08-12 07:53
Mrs Rooney probably wouldn't be aware of what happened, free holiday coming up perhaps ?..... :lol:
+13 #3 Mike Williams 2018-08-11 20:16
We all remember what happens on American Airlines when the attendants want your seat for someone else. Being a multi millionairess why doesn't Mrs Rooney travel on a private hire small jet - Wayne's match fee by half time would cover 10 such flights.
+2 #2 Ian D 2018-08-11 09:59
We travel to Portugal with Jet2 three or four times per year and have never encountered stinky toilets on their flights. This story wont put me off flying Jet2.
+20 #1 Margaridaana 2018-08-10 17:55
Could she not afford to reserve seats for her entourage so that they could all sit close? I would have refused to move had I paid for a specific seat.

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