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Summertime security forces remain in Algarve due to pleasant weather

pspDue the continuing sunny weather and a strong and steady flow of late summer tourists, the Ministry of Internal Administration has decided to extend Operation Summer Safe across the Algarve until the end of September.

The initiative that increases security forces in the region’s tourist areas was due to end on September 15th but with the summer season showing few signs of easing off, the Algarve will hold a full strength compliment of security police.

From the Security Police, 33 teams of the Special Intervention Corps (390 police) and four teams of Prevention and Immediate Reaction police will remain down south. In addition, police teams made up of members of the National Police Corps and the National Police of France will remain on duty alongside members of other police units such as the traffic police.

There have been 200 additional GNR soldiers in the Algarve this summer as well as five mounted patrol teams.

The Ministry did admit that the focus of the GNR and PSP is the ‘raising of awareness’ of drivers through roadside inspections, in strengthening the police presence at Faro Airport, city centres, public transport areas generally, anywhere that people gather to enjoy themselves.