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First stage of Paderne Castle renovation completed 'below budget'

padernecastleWork to repair the Albarrã tower at Paderne Castle has been completed. The Minister of Culture paid a visit to mark the completion of the specialised reconstruction of the degraded tower made of taipa militar* that has stood up well to the ravages of the weather for eight centuries.

The work was to cost €132,000, supported by the local Council, the regional cultural directorate and the Millennium BCP Foundation, but came in under budget as a late decision was made to not repair the highest course of taipa.

This first stage of the Paderne Castle conservation programme will be followed by extensive repairs to the eastern wall which will cost a further €460,000.

The start date is sometime in 2019 after quotes have been received and a contractor chosen.

Minister Castro Mendes, said his visit was, "to show support and highlight the cultural interest that this project has in our historical heritage," adding that sun and sand tourism is all very well but many also come to the region for its history and culture, a growing area."

António Monteiro, president of the Millennium BCP Foundation, said it had been, "a pleasure to collaborate in the restoration of this important monument".

The mayor of Albufeira, whose Council had co-funded this first stage with the Millennium BCP Foundation, said the municipality wants to encourage culture tourism, especially when it is in an inland area.

* The original building material for the tower and castle walls was ‘taipa militar’ a compressed mud and gravel mix which was plastered and painted. For the technically minded, the 'taipa,' or mud, that Paderne is made from varies between 30-42% aggregate limestone, 12-17% fine cohesive materials and 41-58% of sand.

Paderne castle history: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castle_of_Paderne

For background, click HERE




+1 #2 Lizzie 2018-09-16 22:33
Some of our lovely old listed buildings in Britain are also receiving EU structural funding, so don't knock it.
-2 #1 John Sturridge 2018-09-15 15:08
Ed: Portugal is currently rated just above lixo by the ratings agencies with no slack in public spending on this kind of cultural project so one assumes the EU actually stumped up the bulk of the money spent? Or is the EU wonga paying for the next, far more expensive, stage of re-building and Brussels needed proof this Portuguese Castle re-build was serious.