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Tax incentives bring film projects to Portugal worth €23.7 million

filmCrewThe 14 projects already approved under an incentive scheme to attract movie-makers to in Portugal, should bring in €23.7 million, according to the Ministry of Culture.

"So far - and including applications that came in 2017 under the previous tax regime - incentives already have been approved for 14 projects, which include productions from the USA, India, Brazil, Portugal or Italy, and several joint productions from Portugal and France, and, Portugal, Spain and France, adding up a total investment of €23.7 million in filming in Portugal."

The tax incentive scheme is covered by the regulations of the 'Tourism, Cinema and Audiovisual Support Fund' as published in the Diário da República.

According to the rules, the adaptation of Portuguese literature, the shooting in Portuguese venues and studios, the existence of award-winning filmmakers and the majority participation of women are key to a successful application.

The 'Tourism, Cinema and Audiovisual Support Fund' was released in June 2018 with a capital of €30 million and a total future allocation that could go rise to over €50 million by 2022, if the scheme is seen to be working well.

This year, €10 million is available in tax breaks, from next year until 2022, €12 million-a-year is on offer.

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