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High value seafood boosts Algarve auction prices

octopus2In the first nine months of this year, fish and seafood sold at auction in the Algarve raked in more than €33 million, according to data from the Directorate General of Maritime Services.

Olhão's fishermen moved the largest amount of fish and generated the most income for the region.

In total, more than 9,000 tons of fish were unloaded at the Algarve’s ports and sold at auction.

Olhão sold almost half the total amount, moving 4,400 tons, followed by Portimão with 2,300 tons and Lagos with 1,200.

In terms of revenue, the value of sales in the Algarve reached €33.4 million, €10.8 million coming from Olhão.

Vila Real de Santo António auction, which handled only 897 tonnes of fish, was the second most important in terms of revenue, with €9.5 million, the explanation being that VRSA sells mainly seafood, enabling the auction to achieve the highest average price per kilo in the region at €10.59.

The average price per kilo achieved in Tavira, where 183 tons of fish were sold, was the second highest at €8.70 as mostly high-value octopus was auctioned.

In relation to the other Algarve auctions, Lagos obtained an average price of €4.18 per kilo, Portimão €2.56 and Olhão €2.44.


0 #1 Peter Booker 2018-11-07 08:59
We noted your comment about shellfish in Olhão, Ed. So consumption of oysters in the Ria Formosa could be dangerous.

But where is all this fish and shellfish caught? Where does the shellfish marketed in VRSA actually come from? And the fish marketed in other ports, is it really caught off the Algarve coast, or does much of it come from West African waters?