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Navy patrol boat nabs illegal fishing boat off VRSA

fishingNorthSeaA Spanish crew on a Dutch-registered boat face the muscle of the Portuguese navy on Monday when they were hauled over, accused of illegal fishing.

The Navy announced the seizure of a vessel engaged in illegal fishing off Vila Real de Santo António.

A Portuguese Navy ‘Centauro Class’ patrol boat spotted a vessel flying the Dutch flag but with Spanish crew members. The men were fishing near the Portuguese border in waters under Portugal’s jurisdiction, without valid documentation and with out-of-date safety equipment on-board, according to a navy spokesman.

The vessel, its fishing equipment, the fish already on-board and all documents were delivered to the Maritime Police in Vila Real de Santo António.

The next stage is for the police to decide on the list of crimes to include on the charge sheet and whether any of those arrested should be released.






-4 #2 Chip 2019-01-10 13:26
So free movement of goods and people throughout the EU is a fallacy then.
+3 #1 Denby 2019-01-10 09:34
Well done to Portugal's Navy patrol for apprehending these thieves and for protecting the fishing rights of the country.