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Considerable part of GNR vehicle fleet is inoperable

GNRMessinesBlowJobThe Communist Party has reviewed the sad state of the Guarda Nacional Republicana's (GNR) vehicles, concluding that due to high mileage and age, "a considerable part of the fleet is inoperative."

New vehicles are slow to be issued and the old ones eventually give up the ghost, creating a problem that is getting worse, not better with a high percentage of the 5,600 vehicle fleet unable to be used.

The MPs explain that the maintenance and repair of GNR vehicles is meant to be done in GNR workshops but, more and more, outside companies are being used as the GNR lacks trained mechanics to do the work.

Using in-house workshops again, is an option that, "would require the expansion and modernisation of the GNR workshop network, the allocation of more staff to these workshops and the regular implementation of training for these professionals."
The MPs say that an initial investment would be needed but costs would be recouped over time and the scheme would end up cheaper in the long-run with vehicles back on the road quicker.

The Communist Party’s Parliamentary Group, represented by MPs Paulo Sá, António Filipe and Jorge Machado, questioned the Minister of Internal Administration, asking him if the government acknowledges that the expansion and modernisation of the GNR car repair network would save money in the long-term?

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0 #4 liveaboard 2019-01-14 18:09
Having their own repair facility might make sense in densely populated areas, but in rural areas it's ridiculous.
A workshop needs several mechanics to make efficient use of the space and equipment. They require a steady stream of work to keep busy, or else they'll be paid for doing nothing.
Meanwhile, there are plenty of privately run shops perfectly capable of doing the work; and a contract could easily require priority for emergency vehicles.
0 #3 mj1 2019-01-14 10:18
let us hope they are pulled by the transit police and fined
-1 #2 Maxwell 2019-01-14 08:53
Why this nonsensical separation of policing in countries like Portugal? Serving no other purpose than intended to allow important criminals to slip through the cracks and so weaken the stronger EU. We will soon hear of an investigation of the astronomical charges by private garages to change a GNR car headlight bulb. Apparently the entire engine and subframe needing to be replaced; like the Portuguese Airforce mess scam. The difference being creamed off by GNR officers.
-1 #1 Jack Reacher 2019-01-13 22:03
Horse & cart? I have seen some real bangers out there..how do they pass IPO?